Friday, May 25, 2012

[Tutorial] Add Page on Blogskin

Assalamualaikum. This tutorial is for blogskin users only. Cekidaut!

Example :

# click for zoom in #

In the first picture *spongebob*, when you click on the "Proceed" word u'll turn to the second picture *haibara*. Let me call the first picture as Rules and second picture as Stuffs. Now we proceed to the tutorial.

1. Dashboard > Template.

2. Search for your navigation code. For example, my navigation code is "navi"
<a class="navi" onClick="document.getElementById('main').innerHTML=document.getElementById('rules').innerHTML">Le' Stuffies</a>

#red, some template use 'page', 'content''main' or something like that. Change based on what your template used.
#purple, in my main blog, if you click on that, it'll bring you to my rules page.

So, here we go. How we make Rules page :

1. Ctrl + F or F3, search for this code :

2. Then, paste this code after <body> code ;

<div id="rules" style="display:none;">
<center><span onClick="document.getElementById('main').innerHTML=document.getElementById('stuff').innerHTML">
Proceed</span> ✖ <a href="javascript:window.close();">Exit</a></center>

Then, we'll make Stuffs page :

1. Paste this codes after the rules page codes.

<div id="stuff" style="display:none;">

#Make sure the Rules ID and Stuffs ID are same.

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